Hillview is hiring! We need a Greenhouse Grower
& a Greenhouse Program Coordinator

Herb Pots are available at the Hillview Greenhouse during open hours!

How’s your herb pot?
We understand that some people have had problems with our Herb Pots while others are thriving. We are here to help! Plants are tricky little buggers. If you have had death or failure to thrive in your Herb Pot-Please bring it in for a replacement during our Open Hours!
Herb Pot tips-
  • Let soil dry out between waterings-if you had gnats or plants went yellow, it was probably too much water
  • If your leaves went dark-it might have bee the window you had them in was too cold
  • If they simply are not thriving it is likely a lack of enough light-they would love a sunny south, SE, or SW facing window 
  • There are plenty of nutrients in your Herb Pot it does not need conventional fertilizer-if you have VermiGold or other worm castings they help with a gentle nutrients and with microorganisms that eat gnat larva

Our program coordinator, Joe Klinge, will provide volunteer opportunities for groups and individuals of all ages and abilities. Groups of more than 4 people must sign up in advance. Please email Joe for more information.

Come see our Hoophouse, our new Vermicomposting Center and our new Greenhouse! 

Tours of our Vermicompost Center, Hoop House, and Greenhouse are available by request, Saturdays at 10am is a good time. Cost $5-$10 per individual-price includes a copy of our Hillview publication. If you are an individual and want to tour of the Vermicomposting Center, we do those every 2nd Saturday-please contact Andie.

Must have minimum of five people for a group tour. Maximum for group is 25 people. Group Tours to schools and nonprofits are available for $50, with five publications included. Group Tours for businesses are $100 and ten publications included (more available for purchase). Please call 608-782-2585 or email greenhouse@hillviewuac.org.

Tours are funded by Coulee Food System Coalition via the Franke Foundation.