2017 Garden to Table

Over the last four years, we have given away 800 crockpots as part of our free Market Baskets cooking classes. Now we are looking to expand the cooking classes to include different methods of food preparation to meet different audiences and different giveaways. We would continue with our model of two classes per month with emphasis on Community Centers, schools, churches, and Sr. Centers in our neighborhoods of greatest need. A vital part of our Market Baskets program is our collaboration with RSVP – they provide RSVP volunteers who assist in most of our events.  

We are developing recipes for four different classes that would be taught three times each year.  In 2015 we received a generous donation from the distributor of Leanne Brown’s cookbook Good and Cheap that we provided at many of our Market Baskets events.  We are pleased that we have received another generous donation of cookbooks for the 2017-18 season.
  1. Great green salads that the whole family will love/giveaway salad spinner/microgreens
  2. Fast and delicious soups and Kale smoothies /giveaway immersion blender
  3. Seasonal veggie sir fry/giveaway electric skillet
  4. Affordable/easy garden to table recipes/giveaway crock pots

Download a free copy of Leanne Brown’s cookbook, Good and Cheap

Our Future Iron Chef program (FIC)

In 2015 we received another generous grant from Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration (FSPA) for Hillview to continue with the successful Market Baskets program and to begin another exciting program for our area youth – the Future Iron Chef program.  The Future Iron Chef classes are targeted to youth, include a local chef on hand and focus more on in depth nutrition information, knife skills, and an inspirational environment to encourage a love of working with food.

In 2016 we worked with a professional Chef, Shawn McManus and owner of Savory Creations, to train four groups of teens from Ho Chunk Nation, YMCA, Seven Rivers High School, and Boys and Girls Club and we set up for one of those teams to compete at the 2016 Mayor’s Conference with the theme Food in the City. Every team loved the experience and we would like to repeat it with four more teams and two competitions in 2017-2018.