Plant Sale Prep/greenhouse general needs

(come anytime during open hours to help, learn how to grow plants FOR FREE!)

  • seeding
  • transplanting
  • watering/fertilizing
  • weeding
  • harvesting and growing microgreens and salad gutters
  • delivery of microgreens, VermiGold, and/or microgreen kits
Hoop House volunteers are needed

(ideally looking for a few individuals or group of trusted volunteers to work most of the spring/summer/fall without supervision. Willing to work out schedule with said group to switch off days/times of duties):

AM Duties:

  • open front door
  • remove plastic on raised beds (spring)
  • water plants

Time commitment: 1-2 hours

 PM Duties:

  • replace plastic on raised beds (spring)
  • close and lock front door

Time commitment: 1 hour

Please respond ASAP if interested in this opportunity!

Event needs
  • April 29th 10:30am-4:30pm Earth Fair @ Myrick Park – Open to the public. Hillview will have demos of worms, food (market baskets), seed library, and more. Volunteers needed for worm demo and planting activity with kids! Shifts are: 11am-1pm, 1-3pm, and 3-5pm
  • May 1st and 2nd, 3-6pm, Myrick Park – sell VermiGold, plants, and microgreen kits to people picking up their Mayo Clinic Health System sponsored square foot garden kit
  • May 12th 10am-2pm Hillview UAC Plant Sale. Volunteers needed to greet people coming in the door, carry plants to cars, announce and guide people to mini classes (AM), on the floor helping people pick plant varieties. Shifts are 10-12 and 12-2.
  • 5/4-10/12 Cameron Park Farmers Market: 
    Every Friday from 2-8pm Hillview participates in the Cameron Park Farmers Market!  We need volunteers to help us sell produce, microgreens, VermiGold, etc., engage customers, and talk about Hillview and programs. This weekly community event is a great way to work with a friend to engage in the local community and meet other environmentally focused people. This volunteer opportunity does require money handling and socialization. Children under 16 are welcome if accompanied by an adult over 18.If you can help with tear down and/or set up by hauling market items in your vehicle, please let us know!  Shifts are (set-up) 2-5pm and (tear-down) 5-8pm.