Our Mission

Hillview Urban Agriculture Center (Hillview) holds the mission of creating a healthy community through a local, sustainable, and accessible food system by:
  • Building soil with food waste
  • Educating and inspiring people of all ages and abilities to grow food
  • Preparing and preserving healthy food together
  • Supporting a food system that serves all our community needs
Hillview’s mission in the Greenhouse:
  • Provide educational and inspirational program space for people of all ages and abilities to participate.
  • Grow organic and heirloom variety food seedlings to be sold/donated for community gardens, school gardens, and the public.
  • Grow produce to fruition for participants in our programs and for Mayo Clinic Health System’s cafeteria and other buyers.
Supporters and Sponsors


Who We Are

Thanks to a shared vision and generous support from Mayo Clinic Health System—Franciscan Healthcare and Western Technical College, with support from the La Crosse Community Foundation, in October 2015 Hillview moved into a new state-of-the-art greenhouse located on Western’s campus in the Horticulture Education Center on the corner of 7th & Vine. In our new greenhouse we are providing education on growing, preparing and preserving nutritious food with a focus on low-income individuals and families as well as providing senior citizens, specially-abled and other community members with volunteer opportunities in greenhouse activities and programs.


Our History

The Hillview Greenhouse
737 North 24th Street

Celebrating over 100 years of growing, Hillview Greenhouse has a rich history as the foundation of urban agriculture in La Crosse. Throughout the century, the greenhouse passed through several hands, eventually bucking agricultural trends of the time to focus on organic practices and production. A journey back to its origins provides a glimpse into the role the Hillview Greenhouse played in making the city of La Crosse a pioneer in the area of urban agriculture.

1912 to 1926– Early La Crosse: The Land of the Hillview Greenhouses
1926 to 1987–The Hillview Greenhouse: A Way of Life for the Jones Family
1987 to 2000–The Olson Hillview Greenhouse: Growing a Dream
2000 to 2010– The Hillview Greenhouse Life Center: Produce with a Purpose
2010 to present–The Hillview Urban Agriculture Center: Beginning of a New Era