There are three components to a healthy food system.

First, it starts with soil. Building good soil is the first step to growing healthy plants. Hillview Urban Agriculture Center builds soil using food waste and worms in our Vermicomposting Center.  

Then we grow plants year-round in our Greenhouse and Hoop House

And through our Market Baskets program, we teach people how to cook that food, showing them how to prepare low-cost, tasty and nutritious meals.

And finally, we take the scraps and waste and feed it to the worms, starting the whole process over again!

Thanks to a shared vision and generous support from Mayo Clinic Health System and Western Technical College, with support from the La Crosse Community Foundation, in October 2015 Hillview moved into a new state-of-the-art greenhouse located on Western’s campus in the Horticulture Education Center on the corner of 7th & Vine. In our new greenhouse we are providing education on growing, preparing and preserving nutritious food with a focus on low-income individuals and families as well as providing senior citizens, specially-abled and other community members with volunteer opportunities in greenhouse activities and programs.