Microgreens are not Sprouts.

Sprouts are germinated seeds grown in water and are ready
to eat in about 48 hours. When eaten, sprouts include the seed,
roots, and immature leaves. Our microgreens are grown in
a soil media for 7–14 days, depending on the variety, and are
harvested when the first true leaves start to grow. Only leaves
and stems are consumed. Microgreens can be purchased by the
flat or harvested as needed to be sold in a clam container. Rinse
microgreens before consumption.

Microgreens are highly nutritious!

Microgreens can be grown from most varieties of herb and
vegetable seeds. Since microgreens are infant versions of the
plant, they are packed full of the same vitamins and minerals as
their adult counterpart but in a smaller package. Microgreens are
loaded with vitamins C, E, and K, along with beta-carotene (a
pre-cursor to vitamin A) which provide many health benefits.

Microgreens pack a punch of flavor.

Microgreens provide an intense flavor of their respective
vegetable or herb variety and can be used in any way imaginable
to add flavor and color to your meal:

  1. Mix them into your salad for flavor boost
  2. Top your meat or pasta
  3. Make into a super green smoothie
  4. Add to breakfast or lunch sandwiches
  5. They are also beautiful in wraps, sushi, or stir fry

You can purchase our Microgreens at the following places:

• Farmers Markets
• (Summer) May-October Fridays 4pm-8pm at Cameron Park
• (Winter 2017) Sundays, November 5, 12, 19 and December 3, 10, 17 from 10am to 1pm at Myrick Park
• During greenhouse open hours
• Occasionally our microgreens can be found at the People’s Food Coop
Special order by the flat: contact Andrea at 608-782-2585 or email. Cost is $20-25/flat
Varieties offered:
Pea, sunflower, daikon/triton radish, basil, amaranth, mizuna mustard, corn, and arugula. 
You can also find our microgreens being served at the following outlets: Waterfront, Apothik