Hillview Urban Agriculture Center (Hillview) is a non-profit grassroots organization that was formed in 2010 with the belief that everyone in our community should – and can – have access to healthy, local food. Hillview Urban Agriculture Center grew out of the Hillview Greenhouse Life Center that was established by Dr. Tom Klemond.

Hillview Urban Agriculture Center (Hillview) holds the mission of creating a healthy community through a local, sustainable, and accessible food system by:

  • Building soil with food waste
  • Educating and inspiring people of all ages and abilities to grow food
  • Preparing and preserving healthy food together
  • Supporting a food system that serves all our community needs

Hillview’s mission in the Greenhouse:

  1. Provide educational and inspirational program space for people of all ages and abilities to participate.
  2. Grow organic and heirloom variety food seedlings to be sold/donated for community gardens, school gardens, and the public.
  3. Grow produce to fruition for participants in our programs and for Mayo Clinic Health System’s cafeteria and other buyers.

For more information, contact: info@hillviewuac.org