Hillview Urban Agriculture helps keep La Crosse Growing!

We have two growing facilities: A state-of-the-art Greenhouse, located at Vine and 7th St. and a hoop house, located in the Washburn Garden on Division St. between 9th and 10th. (Click on the links to learn more about each.)


Montessori education thrives on real-life and hands-on learning experiences. When students have the opportunity to learn alongside community members, they feel a sense of accomplishment while also gaining perspective on how relationships in the world function. At the same time, they ask questions about why events happen and seek to understand the processes of the earth better. Finally, by completing service learning projects, we are accomplishing our goal of peace education. Students who see that they can impact the world will grow to be adults who will positively impact the world.

Gina Meinertz, teacher, Coulee Montessori Adolescent Program


Helping with the garden was fun, and I learned quite a bit more about plants and recognizing them. It felt good to help out in the community.

Alexia Sanderson, 8th grade student, La Crosse Design Institute

Many of our students have already asked if gardening is something they could do again. They enjoyed knowing where the produce went after they picked it. I think they felt a sense of accomplishment knowing that they were helping others.

Jamie Pinski,advisor, La Crosse Design Institute




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